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  Each friend: now we came to the Chinese first-class, Asia first, world famous national tropical seaside tourism city, sanya.

  Sanya is the southernmost city in China, the second largest city in hainan province, a land of 1919 square kilometers, 5000 square kilometers, 209 kilometers of coastline, sanya is become a fairyland with remote locations, close to nature.

  Sanya is the southernmost city in China, there is a tall coconut trees, silver sand, blue sky and the endless sea.

  Remember, when I first set foot on yalong bay beach, the mood is indescribable. Days attached to the sea, the sea for days, tianshui, tianhai color, very beautiful! I am eager to the arms of the sea, feet stepping on a soft, fine sand, a wave came at me and my butt sitting on the beach, pants all wet, I haven't got up, again to a wave, put me down again, let me drink a mouthful of salt water. I hurriedly get up, simply change swimming trunks on the beach. The wind driving waves, spray. White spray straight line team to move forward with rows of, chasing, play with, like naughty children, joyfully poured on to the beach, and quickly pulled back, pushing me again and again to the shore, take back. Look, it is jumping to the surface of the waves, in the sunlight, little golden light, and on the countless took gold retreated to the sea. Bend down, thin sand gently hold my feet, exquisite and smooth, my whole body gently in the water jump, fingers lightly white sand flowing in the fingers, and it was very fun, very... I hopping in the arms of the spray, laughing, spray surrounded me, around me, I am immersed in waves and gentle hug.

  Sanya is very beautiful, the sea was spectacular, it is like a beautiful picture scroll, deeply in my mind.

  Sanya is the southernmost city in China, is China's most famous "international tropical seaside tourism city".

  Sanya has a long history. The archaeologists found in sanya put pen to paper hole "sanya" site, site of human habitation is the earliest known hainan island. Han dynasty cliff, sanya in this set beads cliff county town, vibration in the sui dynasty set up county, the tang dynasty to the vibration state, renamed cliff state when the Ming and qing dynasty, the republic of China after the change of cliff state for cliff county. Cliff in 1954 the county seat moved from yacheng to sanya, until 1984, sanya undo cliff county set up upon approval of the state council. So, as a city, sanya is very young. This is the place where many ethnic populations, the city's 450000 people, 170000 li, miao, more than 2800 people, nearly 7000 people of hui nationality. In addition to the city, sanya governs ten town three township, there are five large state-owned farms.

  Sanya is located in the 18 degrees north latitude, annual average temperature of 15.4 degrees Celsius, at the age of frost-free. When north and you spend a lot of, this piece of land in sanya, is still basking the red, purple, green, warm air attacks. 4 "overseas don't a scenery, willow ever-green flowers. Changing no one, only look at China at the age of peach wood charms against evil have." The ancients described four spring-like, beautiful scenery of sanya this poem, has been linked to lovers. Because of this, become the country's best escape the cold, winter swimming, sanya holiday leisure resort.

  Sanya, brings together the sun, sea, beach, hot springs, ethnic customs, climate, environment and tropical pastoral scenery tourism resources in one place, is the world's tropical Marine tourism resources one of the most densely populated areas. Not only tropical coastal natural landscape beauty crown hainan sanya, and cultural tourism resources are very rich. There are ancient dynasty court relegated official footprints, monk, a beautiful fairy tale and the folklore. When you revel in the breeze chaton, those associated with the landscape of the legendary history and culture, department of emotion, will make you think of lang.

  Sanya tropical seashore of main sightseeing and leisure to yalong bay, the touching, the ends of the earth, dadonghai, nanshan, wuzhizhou island, etc. Their common feature is that the sun is shining, not only in Beijing, breeze cui, beach chaton is attractive, and are all in the pure ecological environment. Offshore water quality conforms to the national first class standard sea, atmospheric environment is superior to the national first class standard. The third and the fourth census results show that the per capita than any other country in the national life, hainan and sanya is in hainan's oldest place.

  Sanya is the city flower of bougainvillea. Both scenic spots, and mountains, you can see YiPengPeng dense greenery, flying the clusters of bright red flowers, warm like the hearth fire in the winter, it is the bougainvillea. Were is the tamarind tree sanya. Its huge trunk, branches and leaves thick, tree pose HongLi, lawn FengJingShu isolation is very precious. In nanshan cultural tourism zone, however, you can see patches of acid beans woods. The story (" because "touching" we in scenic spots), sanya "lucheng" nickname.

  Sanya as the international tropical seaside tourism city, more and more attention to various eyesores beautification. They are 20 kilometers along the sanya bay coastal strip construction "coconut dream corridor", and the realignment of dadonghai new forest square, is the city in recent years, the implementation of afforestation key engineering projects. "Coconut dream corridor is given priority to with coconut trees are planted, shade lower plant grass, interspersed shrubs, flowers, decorate with entertainment, landscape culture, form a set of ornamental, sightseeing, leisure, fun, vibrant coastal strip park. Currently has completed the first phase, to listen to the tao to admire the view, tourists can joy of body and mind.

  Friends, let's relax, melting the party a person what the ancients called "the polar exotic", is now in the construction of the international tropical seaside tourism city direction of land and the sea.

  Friend, have you ever been to sanya? Sanya is a sea breeze blow gently, picturesque seaside tourist city. There are many loved by Chinese and foreign tourists in the scenic area: beautiful seaside park -- -- -- -- -- "dadonghai," world famous "tianyahaijiao", has a magical legend "touching", also known as the "Oriental Hawaii" "yalong bay"... They will make you regretted leaving, deeply intoxicated.

  Everyone who has visited the dadonghai, can not shout: this is a beautiful seaside park! That red green trees, the dove in the blue sky, green water, silvery white beach, compose a beautiful seaside scenery figure. The soft sand beach is a favorite haunt of people. Stand above that hits the tall coconut trees, the beach is full of colors and forms of seashells. Visitors like to lie on the beach, enjoy the beautiful sun.

  Standing on the beach, looking at the blue sea water reflected the cbsi sky, the harmony, mutual set off, a lasting pleasant taste. Wind, waves surging waves one after another beach, imposing manner is very spectacular. In the endless sea, do you think will be bright and broad.

  If "dadonghai" is her beauty praise by visitors, that "the ends of the earth" with her magical glamour occupy people's heart. It does not add any artificial vulture act the role ofing, completely is a primitive natural "map" of the sea. The straight coastline, huge magic stones on the beach, colorful shells, constitute the natural beauty of the "ends of the earth". In a lot of stone, engraved with "tianya" is the most popular and the wording "cape" stones. People often leave JingYing here, also left a good memory.

  When people visit tired, be sure to find a comfortable place to meimei's rest. Sanya has a lot of equipment structure fancy hotels, hotel, resort, for visitors to enjoy.

  In the clouds of hotel, holiday village, the most strange luxury "nanshan resort". Because of its roof, doors and Windows, unique design, especially in the south China sea guanyin neighbors, biggest houses built around the mountain. People stay was wonderful.

  Boarded the "touching," look, see the sea in sanya city arms: buildings, streets, traffic, a scene of prosperity.

  Standing here I would like to: sanya in the near future will certainly build a better, attracting more visitors.

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